A Tool For Solder
Paste Quality Control

Prevent Printability Issues

Track changes in incoming solder paste to prevent printability issues

Reduce Solder Paste Waste

Determine if a solder paste is fit for use to reduce waste

Determine Root Cause

Quickly diagnose defects and determine whether solder paste is a root cause

Be Protected Against Liability Claims

Use as an insurance policy and be protected against claims of poor manufacturing

Where to Measure Solder Paste

Measure material behaviors before and during use on your electronics manufacturing line with the Vision MARK-1


Measure solder paste upon arrival or before use on your line to check storage conditions and viability in the current environment


Measure changes in solder paste behavior during your process to prevent continuous defects in printing or reflow



Measure after printing to determine solder paste health and moisture content (reflowability)



Measure solder paste in your facility with the Vision MARK-1

Taking a Measurement

Use the Vision MARK-1 to measure your solder paste's fitness for use and prevent defects in your facility 


Collect Solder Paste

Use the probe kit to collect a sample of the solder paste and spread on the probe


Start Measurement

Insert the probe into the Vision MARK-1 and select, "Start Measurement"




Receive immediate results with the Vision MARK-1 and view material measurement behaviors and patterns with the Insitucloud


Want to find out more?

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Solder Paste Solutions

Quickly diagnose root cause of solder paste defects to save money, mitigate liability, and gain a competitive edge in your facility

Solder Paste Issue
Possible Causes

Detect these issues and more with the Vision MARK-1

Poor Stencil Life
  • Evaporation of solvents in a solder paste

  • Absorption of moisture

  • Thickening due to the reaction between the flux and metal powder

Solder Joint Insufficiency
  • Stencil design

  • Printer setting

  • Inadequate paste rheology

  • Environmental conditions

Low Tack
  • Absorption of moisture

  • Drying of your solder paste

Other Issues and Defects
  • Contact us to see how Insituware's Vision MARK-1 can detect other solder paste material behaviors and defects in your facility

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