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Hand-held measurements for Conformal Coating Quality Control
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The Vision MARK-1 for Conformal Coating Quality Control improves the consistency and reliability of conformal coatings.


Thinning Assistance

  • Ensure that conformal coating is thinned consistently for all application methods

Incoming Inspection Quality Control

  • Verify the consistency of conformal coating to improve application repeatability and prevent defects

Coating Process Monitoring

  • Detect shifts in conformal coating composition during process applications

Storage Monitoring

  • Detect shifts in conformal coating composition during storage


Detection of Coating Inconsistency

  • Prevent variations in thinning process

  • Track material changes linked to scavenging, orange peeling, delamination, and other defects

  • Monitor changes in conformal coating storage over time

Coating Repeatability

  • Verify coating quality before each application, ensuring repeatability

Multi-Coating Support

  • Measurements applicable to most standard conformal coatings

Small-Sample Requirements

  • Measurement requires only 5 ml of conformal coating

Rapid Measurement

  • Receive measurement results in under 2 minutes

Clear Control Indicators

  • Customizable process control limits with red, yellow, and green light indicators

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