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Rapid and Contactless
Thickness Measurements
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The CC-100 Thickness Tester provides non-destructive and contactless conformal coating thickness measurements.


Dry Conformal Coating Thickness

  • Measure the dry thickness of conformal coatings to verify against IPC-A-610 requirements

Wet Conformal Coating Thickness

  • Measure the wet thickness of conformal coatings to provide insight for process adjustments

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Ensure Conformal Coating Thickness

  • Verify appropriate thickness and coverage across circuit boards

  • Identify critical component locations with low conformal coating thickness

No Ground Plane Required

  • Measurements work directly on coated boards

  • No measurements of uncoated boards required

Multi-Coating Support

  • Acrylic, Polyurethane, Silicone, Epoxy, and UV

Rapid Measurement

  • Less than 5 seconds measurement time

Measure Genuine Assembly

  • Non-destructive and contactless technology eliminates the need for coating test coupons

Easy Operation

  • Skilled operator technique is not required for accurate and consistent thickness measurements

Statistical Process Control

  • Local and cloud data storage for traceability and process control

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