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Solder Paste Fitness for Use - New Color
Hand-held measurements for Solder Paste Quality Control
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The Vision MARK-1 for Solder Paste Quality Control provides rapid, small sample solder paste measurements for quality control solutions.


Prior to Printing Quality Control

  • Reduce printing and reflow defects by monitoring solder paste quality before printing.

In Process Paste Condition Monitoring

  • Increase line utilization by extending stencil life of solder paste. Avoid unnecessary setups and wasted solder paste caused by premature disposal.

Printing Defect Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis

  • Quickly eliminate solder paste as the root cause of defects in your manufacturing process.


Quick Detection of Paste Quality

  • Verify correct solder paste handling throughout shipping, storage, and use.

  • Catch defective paste that may cause short stencil life, poor tack, solder balling, nonwetting, and de-wetting.

Extend Solder Paste Stencil Life

  • Directly determine end of solder paste stencil life to increase line utilization

Small-Sample Requirements

  • Requires only 5 grams of solder paste

Rapid Measurement

  • Receive measurement results in under 4 minutes

Clear Control Indicators

  • Customizable process control limits with red, yellow, and green light indicators

Correlates to Standards

  • Measurements correlate to J-STD-005 standards and TM-650 test methods

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