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Smart Mixer for Quality Control
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The SM-100 Smart Mixer provides solder paste mixing with real-time quality control and materials traceability.


Smart Mixing

  • Automatically mixes solder paste jars to a fit for use state

Real-Time Monitoring

  • Monitors temperature, mixing time, and fitness for use to provide insight on paste quality


Smart Lid Technology

  • Provides red, yellow, green light indicators of paste quality with reusable lid that attaches to solder paste jar

Prevents Over and Under Mixing

  • Eliminates hand mixing, reduces mix time, and ensures repeatability


  • Mixing cycle provides statistical process control and documentation

Paste Quality Monitoring

  • Provides insight on paste quality before printing to avoid unnecessary set up and waste

Meets Quality Standards

  • Measurements correlate to J-STD-005 standards and TM-650 test methods

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