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The complete solution in

electronics manufacturing

Take control of the materials in your facility with the Vision MARK-1, Insituware's award-winning hand-held diagnostic tool.


The Vision MARK-1 uses machine learning technology to bring material control solutions right in your hand.

Vision MARK-1 with E-Chem Insight and Pr
Vision MARK-1 Logo-16.png
Mexico Technology Award 2020 - transpare
Vision MARK-1 with E-Chem Insight and Pr

What is the

Vision MARK-1?

The Vision MARK-1 is the first hand-held process control tool that measure materials by performing rapid assessments on location and during use or in situ meaning 'in place', to allow for more control over materials in the electronics manufacturing industry. 

The Vision product family consists of the Vision MARK-1 handheld device, expandable modules called 'Insights' for upgradeability with new functionality for multiple industries, and the materials probes. 


All together, the Vision product family uses a combination of advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information with innovative packaging methods to revolutionize the future of technology.

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Vision Product Family



Apply materials to insert and measure with the Vision MARK-1



Interchangeable cartridge to measure multiple materials with the Vision MARK-1

Vision MARK-1 Logo-16.png

Hand-held device with measurement functionality for multiple solutions within the electronics manufacturing industry

Vision MARK-1 with E-Chem Insight and Probe.png

Quality Standards

Measures material properties

related to J-STD-004 standards

Track Material Changes

Prevent Issues and defects

Rapid Material Measurements

Quickly diagnose materials to drive toward zero defects

Futureproof Design

Interchangeable 'Insight' modules and disposable probes provide upgradeability in one device

Use Anywhere

Hand-held design for mobility and easy access for any area

Secure Data

Cloud-based technology instantly stores all data and measurements safely in the Insitucloud

Have More Questions?

Ask us how the Vision MARK-1 can integrate into your facility

The Vision MARK-1

The all-in-one hand-held solution for materials control
Learn more about how to control materials in your facility with the Vision MARK-1
Vision Watch it Work
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