Providing Industry 4.0

Capability for Materials

Use the Insitucloud with the Vision MARK-1 to instantly access materials measurement data. 

View material behavior patterns in your process to take control and make better decisions in your facility.

What is the Insitucloud?

Innovative methods that improve the use of materials

The Insitucloud works hand-in-hand with the Vision MARK-1 and syncs all material measurements instantly to a secure database that will organize your measurement data to show patterns and changes in their behaviors which provide a clear sense of how to take control of your materials and make better decisions in your facility.


The Insitucloud provides multiple features such as benchmarking, global alerts, and a materials database to enable you to: 

  • Understand how your use of materials fit into the global marketplace by integrating best practices

  • Learn to make better informed decisions in your facility by tracking global material shifts in concert with local material shifts

  • Gain access to up-to-date electronics related materials behavior data with materials selection optimization based on your environment and use requirements

  • And more


Insitucloud Features

Innovative methods that improve the use of materials
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