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In 2017, Michael Frederickson and David Tafuna combined their considerable experience in the technology sector to create a business that would disrupt the electronics manufacturing industry. Together, they planned to develop a revolutionary tool that would allow electronics manufacturers to control their materials. With the right team, network resources, and seed capital, they transformed their idea into an innovative technology, and Insituware was founded.


The innovative venture started in a small laboratory with a small team that began developing the first handheld process control device that would measure materials by performing rapid assessments on location and during use or in situ (meaning “in place”). Starting with the electronics manufacturing industry, this new tool would have the ability to measure and take control of materials to prevent defects and improve overall quality in a manufacturing process.


Insituware gradually expanded and after a year of testing, research, and development, the technology and vision took shape with the device’s first model in 2018. The Insituware team continued growing, focusing on its lab and engineering departments, and the first working prototype was developed.


Progress and technology development continued and, in 2020, Insituware launched the Vision MARK-1, designed to be handheld for the ease of rapidly measuring materials to prevent defects. With expandable modules called “Insights,” the Vision MARK-1 can be upgraded easily with new functionality for multiple industries. With a combination of advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information with innovative packaging methods, the Vision MARK-1 is expected to revolutionize how companies and everyday people control and measure materials.


Today, Insituware continues growing and developing new integrations for the Vision MARK-1 to enable the functionality of nonintrusive sensing for new industries. Insituware’s mission is to help you take control of materials to save money, mitigate liability, and gain a competitive edge.

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