Measuring Consistency in Conformal Coatings

Prevent Coating Issues

Track changes in conformal coatings to prevent defects such as orange peel and ensure consistent coating thickness

Determine Root Cause

Determine the root cause of issues quickly when manufacturing anomalies occur

Rapid Troubleshooting

Quickly establish process controls relating to incoming, selective spraying, and manual spraying

Consistent Quality

Ensure the quality of your PCBs and their protection against harsh environments by measuring and tracking behaviors of conformal coatings

Where to Measure Coating Consistency

Measure materials behaviors right on your electronics manufacturing line before and during use with the Vision MARK-1


Measure conformal coating on arrival to check solids percentage


Measure conformal coating periodically to check changes in solids percentage during use



Measure coupon during manual spraying operations to give real time feedback to operators on spraying consistency


Place probe in coating during thinning operations to get real-time feedback on current solids percentage



Measure conformal coatings in your facility with the Vision MARK-1

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Quality Control in Your Process

Contact us today to see how you can use the Vision MARK-1 to measure conformal coatings in your facility 

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