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A Tool for
Quality Control in Conformal Coatings

Prevent Coating Defects

Track changes in conformal coatings to prevent defects by ensuring consistent coating thickness and viscosity

Increase Efficiency

Reduce manufacturing costs by increasing throughput and eliminating waste

Control Your Material

Establish thresholds to control your materials during incoming inspection, tank storage, and after extended storage

Ensure Consistent Quality

Protect the quality of your PCBs against harsh environments by measuring and tracking behaviors of conformal coatings

Where to Measure Coating Consistency
How it Works

See how a quick measurement can help you control

conformal coating materials in your facility

Where to Measure Coating Consistency

Measure materials behaviors right on your electronics manufacturing line before and during use with the Vision MARK-1


Measure thinned conformal coatings on arrival to check initial consistency


Ensure proper thinning of urethane, acrylic, and epoxy coatings


Periodically measure conformal coatings to check changes during use and receive real time feedback

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Measure conformal coatings in your facility with the Vision MARK-1

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Quality Control in Your Process
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Contact us today to see how you can use the Vision MARK-1 to measure conformal coatings in your facility 

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