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Insituware Wins 2020 Mexico Technology Award for Vision MARK-1 Diagnostic Tool

Insituware LLC received a 2020 Mexico Technology Award in the category of Process Control Tools for its Vision MARK-1 hand-held diagnostic tool. The award was announced during a Virtual Awards Ceremony on Monday, October 26, 2020.

Insituware’s revolutionary tool helps electronics manufacturers quickly detect and diagnose defects in solder paste right on the shop floor or prior to use, reducing costly mistakes, and preventing manufacturing delays.

“With more than 50 percent of assembly defects occurring from solder paste printing, we are thrilled to have our innovative device recognized as an effective solution in helping electronics manufacturers improve their accuracy, compliance and real-time process optimization,” said Michael Frederickson, CEO and Chief Engineer of Insituware.

The Vision MARK-1 is powered by analytical sensors, machine learning, and cloud-based technology to bring materials control solutions right in your hand.With a futureproof design, interchangeable cartridges allow for the Vision MARK-1 to measure multiple materials with disposable probes to provide upgradeability all in one device. Currently the Insituware tool is measuring solder paste and soon to be released is the capability to measure conformal coatings.

The Mexico Technology Awards acknowledge the latest innovations available in Mexico produced by OEM manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers during the last 12 months. For more information, visit

Insituware is revolutionizing the way we control materials! For more information, visit


Insituware is an innovative technology company developing novel products to measure materials in the electronics manufacturing industry. Driven by advanced analytical sensors, smart devices, and intelligent cloud-based information, these revolutionary hand-held tools enable rapid, real-time inspection to improve material quality control, increase efficiency, and lower cost. For more information, visit

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