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Insituware began in 2017 with a goal to disrupt the electronics manufacturing industry by creating a tool that provides objective evidence of materials changes in order to ensure materials quality control before use on the factory floor. As materials are constantly changing due to shipping, lot-to-lot variation, environmental conditions, etc. there hasn't been a way to 

Starting with solder paste, the Vision MARK-1 came to life with the ability to make real-time nonintrusive measurements before use to ensure his was achieved with Insituware's 


 focused creating solutions that provide a world class manufacturing process



Co-founders, Michael Frederickson and David Tafuna, combined their considerable experience in the technology sector to create a business that would disrupt the electronics manufacturing industry. With the right team, network, and resources, they transformed their idea into a revolutionary tool, the Vision MARK-1. This device allows electronics manufacturers to control their materials by taking real-time nonintrusive measurements before and during use right on the factory floor.

Insituware improves EMS and OEM manufacturing processes by measuring materials behavior in solder paste and conformal coatings to increase throughput, reduce cost and materials waste, improve reliability, and more.

Today, Insituware is a technology company that develops intelligent hardware, cloud-based software, and machine learning algorithms to optimize measurements and analytical solutions for multiple materials. Insituware continually develops new applications for the Vision MARK-1 to enable the functionality of nonintrusive sensing for new industries.  (Last ½ of sentence should be reworded)

With our hand-held tool, The Vision MARK-1, electronics manufacturers can now monitor their materials’ fitness for use in real-time to increase throughput, reduce costs, and improve reliability. Our technology enables material quality control, improves manufacturing efficiency, and prevents materials related defects.

Insituware’s mission is to help you take control of materials to save money, mitigate liability, and gain a competitive edge.

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