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World Class Materials Quality Control for World Class Electronics Manufacturing

Receive real-time objective evidence of materials changes to assure consistency in your electronics manufacturing process.

How Insituware Works

Insituware is a window into your manufacturing process for improved materials quality control 


Take Control of Materials

Changes in materials behavior can cause variation in your process and lead to defects, delays, rework, waste, and more.

Take out any guesswork by taking materials measurements before and during your process, to ensure consistency. 
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Quickly make measurements in your process by applying a small sample of the material to a probe that connects to the Vision MARK-1.

Receive rapid results of the objective materials behavior with a 'Red, Yellow, or Green' indicator light to check for any inconsistencies and prevent defects. 
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Materials measurements instantly sync to the cloud for traceability, data analytics, and trends of materials behavior over time to ensure consistency in your process.
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Learn about
Solder Paste Inspection

Gain a better understanding of solder paste inspection with Insituware's CTO, Christopher Frederickson as he discusses the importance of solder paste quality control with Reliability Matters host, Mike Konrad.

What Our Customers Say About Us


This entire process takes a matter of 2-3 minutes and is worth every second. It is a process investment. Not only do we have instantaneous results, but all of the information is stored in the cloud and accessible as needed. Having been in this industry for more than 20 years, I can honestly say this tool and process is a game changer.

Dao Tran
SMT Programmer/Manager

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This tool was selected to give us consistent answers about our paste usability and consistency by analyzing the flux properties.

Michael Fric
Process Engineer

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Absolute EMS Integrates Insituware's Vision MARK-1 for Materials Control

Absolute EMS runs multiple lines with multiple types of solder paste. Using Insituware’s Vision MARK-1 to test and validate solder paste is now part of the company’s daily routine.

Read the full article here:

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Learn More About Insituware

Morgan Miller from Insituware at SMTconnect 2022

Morgan Miller from Insituware at SMTconnect 2022
Morgan Miller from Insituware at SMTconnect 2022

Morgan Miller from Insituware at SMTconnect 2022

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Insituware paste verification tool

Insituware paste verification tool

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Insituware introduce two new analytical tools

Insituware introduce two new analytical tools

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Christopher Frederickson from Insituware at IPC Apex 2022

Christopher Frederickson from Insituware at IPC Apex 2022

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